*Hey, I'm Jonny

Let's develop and build a strategic website using Versoly.

I'm proud to be a web generalist.

I'm interested in everything from the words on the page to SEO, from sitemaps to design.

Together we can create a solid strategy to get your marketing site moving in the right direction.

But a strategy isn't enough. You need action.

Where do we start?

What's your biggest pain point right now?


Site structure

Brand voice and style


Legal and Privacy


Marketing pages

Product building

Social content



Blog posts

"Alternative to" pages


Jonny gave us feedback on our homepage redesign, which was extremely valuable. It gave us completely novel ideas or confirmed some initial ideas we had or challenged our initial directions.

Steph Nass

Steph Nass

I knew I needed a new website for my business, and Versoflow took my logo and and built the whole thing in a couple of days!

Zoe Detko

Zoe Detko

Thinking about getting a co-founder?

You might have thought of getting a co-founder to focus on the marketing side of startup life. Someone to deal with Twitter, Product Hunt, LinkedIn, customer support.

But finding a founder is not easy. You'll need cultural fit, goal alignment (short and long-term), the same commitment, and the right skills.

And what do you do if it doesn't work out?

I want your business, not your equity.

Right now, I'm happiest pottering about inside of Versoly. Thinking about SEO, writing the odd blog post, adding feature pages.

Whatever you need, if I can, I'll help out.

I'm not looking for equity, just an honest living.

Web design, on purpose.


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Latest work

Rebuild of Finsweet's Client First 3 Template

I love Webflow, and Finsweet, and Client First! So in homage I rebuilt the CF 3 Template in Versoly.

The first author site on Versoly!

Dominic Kent was looking for a simple one pager for his new book, The Autonomous Freelancer.

Then we put together the coaching page, which includes a booking and payment engine from Cal.com and Stripe.

News and Membership for GCVA

I'm currently working on a revamp of the GCVA website. They're a membership and news organisation for Gift Cards and Vouchers.

Still very much a work in progress, but take a look at the components page!


Why Versoly?

Versoly is an opinionated visual development app. It produces real HTML, with Tailwind CSS. It allows me to work quickly and accurately. Versoly will host your site, or you can export your code. CMS included.

How much will it cost?

How much is a car?

It depends. Size, features, engine, color, extras?

Same with a website.

A basic 5 page template based SaaS site can start from as little as $1000. A handcrafted site is from $3000. The more you add, the higher the price.

Think about your budget and let's talk...

Do you have a subscription plan?

If you want to pay for a project in stages with a regular payment we can plan for that, sure.

You can even start and stop the project on a month by month basis. Just let me know in advance.

Can you maintain our site?

If it's hosted on Versoly, that's not a problem. We can agree a maintenance contract (from $800 a month) and I'll build out your marketing pages fast.

How long will my project take?

It depends. This is my main job, not a side gig. So I'll get working on things as soon as possible. I'll give you a plan in the proposal.

Current status: available to start late February 2024.

What if I don't have any designs?

I know a few good designers. Let me know about your project and budget, and I'll put you in touch.

What's progressive enhancement?

I'll create your website in HTML, add the right CSS, and a sprinkling of JS where needed. So you can be sure your site will be SEO friendly, accessible, and easy to maintain.

Do you outsource?

Nope, it's just me. If there's some very tricky JS or data configurations, I might ask a friend. But I guarantee all the work done.

What currencies can I pay in ?

I take USD, EUR, and GBP. Just let me know what works for you.

I'm having a problem with my Versoly site. Can you help?

I can try! Send me a message and let's talk about it.