Rebuilding Finsweet Client First 3 in Versoly

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Client First from Finsweet. Building with a sound structure and clear class names was such a treat. And not having to think about naming classes was life changing!

So in homage I've rebuilt Client First 3 in Versoly. You can look at the project through Versoly Play.

Versoly uses industry standard Tailwind classes (with structural elements based on Bootstrap). This means that anyone can understand the CSS and quickly iterate on the build.

And you can use the code in other projects, whether they are built in Versoly or not.

Fun things in this build

Decorative items

There are a lot of decorative elements in CF3, and it was fun playing around with absolute classes in TW to put them in the right place. And because VersolyUI uses color variables out of the box, all these decorative elements adapt to your brand.

Call to action from Client First 3

Displaying blog items

The blog page is quite fun too. Trending items, Recent posts, and All posts rely on filters to display them. Manipulating data items in Versoly is straightforward, and the real beauty is that you can create multiple pages from the same CMS collection.

The blog page from CF3