Blog basics

The Blog CMS in Versoly is pretty powerful. Here we cover the basics to get you started.

In this article I refer to a rebuild of the Finsweet Client First Template 1. Finished site is here

There are 3 possible blog page types in Versoly

  • Normal page with bits of the Blog CMS
  • A collection list page of all posts
  • A collection details page of one post
In this design I need 2 blog pages
  • A normal page with
    • 1 featured post with large design
    • 3 featured posts with 3 col design
    • all posts in order
  • A collection details page of one post

Featured post

As with Webflow, add a switch for “Featured post”. But Versoly does the “Sort” and “Filter” within the CMS, not on the page.

We do this in Site Settings > Collections

Sort and Filter

We create a new Collection (blogFeatured) and Filter according to the Featured Switch in the collection.
But we also need to have one item in shown in the first section of the page. so we add Show Items > Items Shown > 1.
And then we’ll need to choose the order in which the items is shown so we’ll Sort Items > Field Name: Published By > Sort By: Descending

One item only <template v-if="postIndex > 0">



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